Looptroop Rockers

Everyone should know by now that I love what I call “good” rap. Most of it is underground, but some is mainstream. “Good” rap to me is talking about life’s problems, over coming struggles, or inspires the listener. This summer at my sister’s wedding I got introduced to a great rap group called Looptroop Rockers.

Looptroop first came onto the music scene in 1991 in Sweden. Started as Looptroop with only two of the current members, it was changed to Looptroop Rockers later on. Looptroop released their first album in 1993 and their most recent album, Professional Dreamers was released in 2011.

Biography is always fun, but really why should you bother to listen to them?

Looptroop Rocker’s beats are off the charts. They make you want to get up and bob your head.  They are a lot different on each track, yet all seem to flow together nicely; mixing real instruments with a DJ sound with nice sound effects. Their lyrics are meaningful and inspiring. Their song “Professional Dreamers” off their latest album speaks to the listeners about their hard work, determination, and going after your own dreams. I love the line, “Everything that’s real now started as somebody’s dream” because it is so true.

I literally can not stop listening to them. If you look at my Spotify app on Facebook, they usually are the music group listed.

You can find Looptroop Rockers on Spotify. They currently only have two of their latest albums on there. Check out their website too. Enjoy.


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